What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a business philosophy based around helping people (HubSpot, 2020). It has a relationship-focused approach where you create valuable and relevant content specifically tailored for your business buyer-persona. With the content you create you should aim to educate and inform as well as deliver solutions and opportunities with a positive impact on the costumers that you want to attract to your business.

Before you can do inbound, you need to be inbound, which can be done by following a specific set of principles (Munroe, J., 2020).  The principles of inbound marketing include: Having a strong purpose statements, alignment of business goals, having a solid understanding of your buyer persona as well as the buyers’ journey (Munroe, J., 2020).

When these principles are implemented correctly, they enable your business to have a helpful, human, and holistic inbound strategy (Munroe, J., 2020).

The inbound methodology is a cycle of attracting, engaging, and delighting people. This should be aligned with the buyer journey stages built around awareness, consideration and decision making (Hubspot, 2020). Below is a visual example of the inbound marketing cycle, also known as the Flywheel.

Examples on two different brands and their approach to Inbound Marketing

Sienna Byron Bay is a successful nail polish company with a focus on quality, sustainable, vegan, and ethical beauty products, and services (Sienna, 2020). Upon reviewing Sienna’s web page, blog, and social media accounts, it is clear that the company operates in all aspects of the inbound marketing cycle. There is clear evidence that they are all about sharing, informing, educating, and giving. Sienna’s Instagram has an audience of over 59.000 followers.  Their posts include beautiful high-quality pictures and videos of inspirational, educational, and engaging content. Sienna’s website is easy to navigate, uses high quality images and provides content offers such as mailing lists and a blog that is regularly updated with inspiration, news, and how-to posts.

Above image is an example on how Sienna engage, inspire and educate their fans and costumers (Sienna Byron Bay, 2020)

Kookaï is an Australian owned fashion brand with more than 780.000 followers on Instagram. They make modern, simple, and feminine clothing and accessories for ‘’The Kookaï Woman’’. This is a good example of a company that has a specific buyer persona to whom they aim their marketing at.

The company has a very attracting and engaging website and social media profile, particularly Instagram and Facebook. Via these platforms they post content with high quality pictures daily for styling inspiration, Q&A and new arrivals together with live videos for styling inspiration. When potential costumers view the Kookaï website, they are immediately engaged through content offers to join their members list and with easy access to immediate customer service via a live chat.

Above image shows how Kookaï engage, inform and inspire their Instagram visitors and fans with New Arrivals and how to style them (Kookaï, 2020)

Strengths and weaknesses of the Inbound Marketing approach by both brands

One of Kookaïs greatest strengths within their Inbound Marketing strategy is, that they have a super clear buyer persona. This enables the brand to effectively continue creating clothes and accessories that successfully matches this specific persona but also makes it easier to create content that will attract, engage and delight costumers and fans. Kookaï is very engaging on their social media with several posts and stories daily.

An area where Kookaï could improve their inbound marketing is by increasing the visibility of their webpage in search engines such as Google, as their website does not currently appear on a simple google search unless searching ‘Kookaï’ specifically. Improved SEO optimization as well as upgrading their website design and content, such as increasing the number of blogposts would be beneficial.

In comparison one of Sienna Byron Bay’s biggest inbound strengths is the way in which they engage with their visitors and costumers on their website and Instagram by creating educating, informative and inspirational content daily. When running a google search for ‘nail polish’ their website is one of the first results to appear amongst its competitors.

Which brand is best at Inbound Marketing?

Both brands have extremely strong brand identities and are super successful with their inbound marketing which makes it hard to justify who is doing better. Although when considering their relatives size, I believe Sienna Byron Bay is doing slightly better when it comes to their inbound marketing. They have a very personal way of engaging with and delighting their customers and fans on social media and a website which is packed full of relevant, educational, and informative content relevant to their buyer persona.


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