Inbound & Social Media Marketing – Examples of Content Marketing Used In The Travel Industry

Short introduction to the benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is known for being one of the most effective growth methods for most businesses as it increases trust and audience engagement and generates leads as well as it helps to give a better SEO ranking. These are only a few examples of amongst many benefits of content marketing.

Presentation and video pitch

Below you will find links to a SlideShare Powerpoint Presentation and a YouTube video pitch with examples of content marketing related to the travel industry.

Link to SlideShare Presentation:

Link to YouTube Video Pitch:

Video Script:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith:

  • Global luxury travel club that helps people find the best boutique and Luxury Hotels.
  • Their website and Instagram are filled with inspirational destination content that would leave anyone watching to want to pack their bags and go travelling immediately.
  • The image in my presentation shows the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Instagram feed with appealing and good quality pictures. A great way to inspire and attract potential customers.
  • Mr & Mrs. Smith has a social media with high resolution picture content and does a great job speaking out their company values to the audience and inspires people to purchase their next luxury holiday though them. Their content marketing is better than other examples in my slide as their content matches their company niche of wanting to offer the best boutique and luxury hotels in the world.


  • Airbnb is a world known online platform that lets people all over the world Connect with each other and rent out their homes with people that are looking for accommodations.¬†
  • Airbnb today, is so much more than renting out homes. They also offer experiences, local guides and blogging with travel inspirations etc.
  • On slide 2 in my presentation is an image from a blog-post created by Airbnb. The content marketing behind the Airbnb blog is amazing as it offers helpful guides and travel information for anyone who is travelling or wants to travel and includes beautiful and eye-catching pictures in all their posts.
  • On slide number 7 in my presentation is a video from an Airbnb campaign where they introduce animals in their Airbnb experiences. It is a high-resolution video that I believe would make a lot of families and animal lovers out there book their next animal experiences at Airbnb.

Lonely planet:

  • On slide 5 is a video campaign from lonely island in which they have teamed up with GoPro Camera.
  • This is a campaign with a very specific purpose of inspiring people to travel with a GoPro camera as it makes it look very easy to film experiences with a GoPro.
  • The collaboration between Lonely Planet and GoPro is Better than the other examples as there is a lot of thoughts behind the video. It reaches out to a big audience of people and inspires them to purchase the GoPro camera to create travel storytelling.


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